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(Special Feature) PvA Radio Episode 0.33 - Getting to Know Larry and Luke

July 21, 2018

Note from Luke: We will be showcasing the first 3 episode of PvA Radio on this feed. For all future episodes, subscribe to PvA Radio on your podcast service of choice. Just search "PvA Radio" 


In this week's episode, let's get to know two of the three hosts of Player vs. All Radio - Larry and Luke! Larry is one of the former hosts of The Player 3 Podcast, a student minister, a husband, father of two children, and an assassination specialist in any Halo game across all generations. Luke is another former host of the Player 3 Podcast, freelance games writer, marketing manager, and creative director and owner at an escape room. He just got done logging his first (read 70th) hour on D. VA. 


This week, the two discuss their gaming history, favorite console of all-time, and what they want to see out of PvA Radio!


Want to get involved? You can submit questions to Player Vs. All Radio at the link below. If you ask a question and the guys select it, you are entered for the chance to win a $20 PSN, Xbox, or Nintendo eShop gift card! So, ask something thoughtful and grab the guys attention! Just ensure you put the email they can reach you at to be eligible.


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