Player 3 Podcast

Is the Switch Safe From Failure? - Player 3 Podcast Episode 115

August 1, 2017

Luke and Larry get together to discuss exactly how much Larry has eaten in the past 8 hours. After that discussion, they jump into actual video game talk. With the Switch selling 4.7 million units between March and June, can Nintendo consider the console a success? What does the company need to do to keep the momentum up? They also talk about Doomfist's release on consoles and regale the listeners with stories of awful Overwatch teammates.

13:37 - Releases of the Week

15:50 - Doomfist and other Overwatch tales

29:50 - Is the Nintendo Switch Safe from Failure

47:20 - Titanfall 2 is heading for the EA/Origin Access Vault

57:45 - RQotW: What excites you most about fall?