Player 3 Podcast

For Honor Beta Impressions and Gaming Backlogs - Player 3 Podcast Episode 96

January 31, 2017

Ben, Larry, and Luke get together to talk about the latest gaming news. Larry discusses the For Honor Beta and gives his thoughts on the gameplay. Ben ponders how backwards-compatibility will continue to play a role in the Xbox ecosystem. And Luke wants to know how they guys manage their gaming backlog, only to reveal his totally nerdy way of doing so. 

The Timestamps will be a bit inaccurate this week due to unforeseen circumstances.

7:45 - What Have You Been Playing

11:57 - Releases of the Week

13:54 - Scorpio and Backwards Compatibility

18:35 - Gaming Backlogs

25:45 - For Honor Beta

36:27 - Project Sorpio and VR

47:00 - Import Tariffs

53:04 - Hideo Kojima and Sexualization in Games

59:40 - Battlefield 1 DLC

1:01:22 - Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Announced

1:04:22 - Prey Release Date

1:05:34 - RQotW Game: Pokemon? Created or Contrived?