Player 3 Podcast

A New Vita and A Stolen Switch - Player 3 Podcast Episode 99

February 24, 2017

One episode away from the big 100! Larry and Luke talk about Overwatch loot boxes and the possibility of a new Playstation Vita. Should Sony reenter the handheld market? They also talk about Bethesda's new games that are apparently bigger than any other games they have released. In the RQotW, the guys discuss which restaurant they would eat at for the rest of their life, if forced to choose. 

6:43 - Releases of the Week

10:20 - Xopics: Overwatch Loot Boxes

19:02 - A New PS Vita

31:05 - News: Phil Spencer is meeting with Japanese 3rd Parties

37:30 - Bethesda has some new games brewing. 

45:00 - Someone Stole a Switch

50:38 - The Death of PS Now

1:11:27 - RQotW

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