Seth is Breaking Up With GameStop - Player 3 Podcast Episode 121

October 17, 2017

It's a jam-packed episode this week as Larry, Luke, and Seth discuss Phil Spencer's recent comments about cross-play, the allegations of sexual harassment at Naughty Dog, and difficulty in games. Plus, Seth discusses why he will probably no longer shop at GameStop. 


26:00 - Releases of the Week

31:45 - Cross-Platform Play

42:26 - Cuphead and Difficulty in Games

51:06 - Seth is Breaking Up with GameStop

1:09:06 - Naughty Dog Allegations

1:21:03 - PSVR Price Cut

1:32:49 - Console-Exclusive Content

1:40:58 - RQotW: What are your most Terrifying Dreams


Destiny 2 Impressions: Player 3 Podcast Episode 118

September 13, 2017

On this week's episode, Luke and Larry give their thoughts on Destiny 2, discuss whether or not games journalist should be good at games, and cover the latest in gaming news. 

12:47 - Releases of the Week

15:57 - Xopics: Destiny 2 Review

48:30 - Should Games Journalists be Good at Games

57:09 - News: LA Noire

1:02:25 - PUBG Sales

1:05:40 - CoD WWII

1:10:57 - RQotW


Where is Microsoft Heading? - Player 3 Podcast Episode 116

August 22, 2017

Xbox gave their final sales pitch for the Xbox One X at Gamescom on Sunday. Was it enough? Luke and Seth discuss the future of Xbox. They also discuss the new difficulty settings in Horizon Zero Dawn, the Crackdown 3 delay, and what food group they'd be willing to give up. 


Is the Switch Safe From Failure? - Player 3 Podcast Episode 115

August 1, 2017

Luke and Larry get together to discuss exactly how much Larry has eaten in the past 8 hours. After that discussion, they jump into actual video game talk. With the Switch selling 4.7 million units between March and June, can Nintendo consider the console a success? What does the company need to do to keep the momentum up? They also talk about Doomfist's release on consoles and regale the listeners with stories of awful Overwatch teammates.

13:37 - Releases of the Week

15:50 - Doomfist and other Overwatch tales

29:50 - Is the Nintendo Switch Safe from Failure

47:20 - Titanfall 2 is heading for the EA/Origin Access Vault

57:45 - RQotW: What excites you most about fall?


E3 2017 Predictions - Episode 111

June 8, 2017

Larry is about 4 seconds away from doing permanent damage to his neck and Luke is disappointed he isn't wearing his neck brace. With E3 right around the corner, the dynamic duo makes their predictions. 

8:00 - What Have You Been Playing

16:44 - Releases of the Week

23:58 - Super Xopic: E3 Predictions

53:24 - News: Bungie focusing on Destiny 2

58:27 - Quick Hits

1:04:07 - RQotW - Advice


Custom Controls and What The Switch Could Do for Digital Games - Player 3 Podcast Episode 108

May 18, 2017

This week, Luke and Larry talk about Overwatch's custom control options and wonder whether or not all games should include full customization. They also look at Rime's pricing on the Switch and discuss how Nintendo could possibly impact the future of digital releases. Then they cover the week's news and Larry flexes his deep knowledge of the NFL. 

16:45 - Releases of the Week

22:16 - Custom Controls

29:45 - Switch and Digital Games

43:39 - EA's Earnings Call

49:41 - Assassin's Creed

51:53 - E3 Public Tickets Sold Out

52:59 - 343 Announces New Studio Head

54:22 - No Halo 6 at E3 2017

59:37 - Tom Brady Gets the Madden 18 Cover

1:01:48 - RQotW


Pay-To-Loot and The Future of VR - Player 3 Podcast Episode 105

April 26, 2017

Luke and Larry share a discussion about the proper way to apply deodorant, but after the shenanigans, they jump into all of the gaming news. Luke brings up an interesting article from IGN about the psychology of loot boxes and Larry wants to know if the VR trend has already collapsed. Plus, Call of Duty WWII, Overwatch updates, and the possibility of an SNES Classic.  

Time Stamps

- 11:02 - Releases of the Week

- 17:10 - Xopics: Pay-to-Loot Systems/The Future of VR

- 56:10 - News: Call of Duty WWII

- 1:01:38 - Overwatch changes Tie Breaker Rules

- 1:05:05 - SNES Classic

- 1:07:06 -  Viewer Question (email us

- 1:11:25 - RQotW: Would you rather know how or when you are going to die?

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review and Xbox One Game Pass - Player 3 Podcast Episode 101

March 9, 2017

So, for those of you who hate the banter, you may want to jump in at the 15-minute mark. But if you love it, there is a pretty healthy debate about the size of zebras and cheetahs. Once the game discussion begins, Larry rants about recent changes to Overwatch's Bastion, Ben introduces the gang to Orisa, and Luke discusses Xbox's newNetflixx-style Game Pass. Plus, Luke and Ben give their thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn. 

  • 15:34 - Release of the Week
  • 25:00 - Xopics: Bastion is OP
  • 33:25 - Overwatch's New Character Orisa
  • 41:44 - Xbox One Game Pass
  • 51:26 - News: Switch Sales
  • 57:36 - Switch Amazon PreOrders
  • 58:35 - Destiny 2 Details
  • 1:02:03 - Ghost Recon Wildlands Controversy
  • 1:08:00 - Outlast 2
  • 1:09:30 - Horizon Zero Dawn Review
  • 1:22:45 - RQotW



Episode 100!!! - Player 3 Podcast Episode 100

March 6, 2017

Luke has no voice in this episode, but that doesn't stop the gang from talking about GameStop ending the Circle of Life practice, Larry speculates about the new Overwatch character, and the guys ask "What does Xbox have to do to get ahead?"


A New Vita and A Stolen Switch - Player 3 Podcast Episode 99

February 24, 2017

One episode away from the big 100! Larry and Luke talk about Overwatch loot boxes and the possibility of a new Playstation Vita. Should Sony reenter the handheld market? They also talk about Bethesda's new games that are apparently bigger than any other games they have released. In the RQotW, the guys discuss which restaurant they would eat at for the rest of their life, if forced to choose. 

6:43 - Releases of the Week

10:20 - Xopics: Overwatch Loot Boxes

19:02 - A New PS Vita

31:05 - News: Phil Spencer is meeting with Japanese 3rd Parties

37:30 - Bethesda has some new games brewing. 

45:00 - Someone Stole a Switch

50:38 - The Death of PS Now

1:11:27 - RQotW

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